The Details

Why book Lara?

I provide a stress free ENJOYABLE experience from start to finish.

I'm a follow-your-heart kind of girl, and I love to make people smile and laugh, so being in this business is such a good thing!

The Process

Getting To Know You

We’ll start with a questionnaire to get to know you. This is where you can share any must have shots, and a few tidbits about yourself. I love reading about what makes your story unique. The shoot itself will be an hour of FUN. Talking, laughing, understanding exactly who you are and how I can portray that in your session!


I love helping people choose their wardrobe! This photo shoot is meant to capture your individuality and style. This shouldn’t be stressful, but I know it can be when you’re choosing outfits for yourself, so fear not, with a few simple guidelines, it will be easy and stress-free.


A few weeks after your session, we'll meet at your home or a local coffee shop, for you to view your images for the first time. We'll narrow down your favorites and finalize your top picks. And how you want those images displayed in your home. You'll also place your order at this time.


Finally, the moment you've been waiting for since we first spoke: the day you receive your beautiful artwork. We get the opportunity to relive your session over again!


I believe photography is such an important investment for your special moments-photographs are what help the memories feel alive 5, 10, 50+ years down the road! They allow you to relive the day and soak in the feelings of those moments!

Average investment $400-$2000

Please contact me for the Full Price list


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